March 26, 2021 WRRS Special: A Discussion on Equality in Sport With Special Guests

In this Women's Ride and Run Series special episode, we start a discussion about equality in sports from many different perspectives. Sarah Axelson, Director of Advocacy at the Women's Sports Foundation talks about the work she and her colleagues do to improve equality in sports because of the many benefits it provides. Ayesha McGowan talks about her career and being the first African American woman to sign with a professional road cycling team, whilst also providing easy ways to be an advocate for change. Then to close the show, Joanna Hoffman (Director of Communications at Athlete Ally) has a conversation with Dr Veronica Ivy, the first transgender world track cycling champion, about the equality both female and male trans athletes face when trying to take part in sports.


About Women’s Sports Foundation:

Zwift is proud to support the Women’s Sport Foundation, which exists to enable girls and women to reach their potential in sport and life. Founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, WSF is building a future where every girl and woman can #KeepPlaying and unlock the lifelong benefits of sport participation. All girls. All women. All sports.®


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About Athlete Ally: 

Athlete Ally believes sport will change the world when it welcomes and empowers all people. As a leading national nonprofit working at the intersection of sport and LGBTQI+ equality, Athlete Ally works to end the structural and systemic oppression that isolates, excludes and endangers LGBTQI+ people in sport. We educate individuals and institutions to understand obstacles to inclusion for LGBTQI+ people and how they can build an inclusive culture within their athletic communities. We work to ensure sport governing bodies, teams and leagues adopt policies that reflect the diversity of their constituents. We incubate athlete activism to advance LGBTQI+ equality in and through sport. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @AthleteAlly.