May 12, 2021 Jim Manton on Bike Fits and Aero Gains From The PowerUp Tri Podcast Archives

We've looked back through our archives to find the best episodes across both of our Zwift podcasts to bring you interviews, advice and key learnings to help make you a better bike rider, both on Zwift and out on the road. This episode of the Zwift PowerUp Tri Podcast was originally posted on the 26th February 2021. 

With about 30 years of experience, it's no wonder that Jim Manton has gained the title of one of the best bike fitters in the world. So it was only fitting that he sat down with Matt Lieto and Sarah True to retell the tale of how he started his company and how bike fitting has changed over the years. He also drops a bombshell when he reminds Sarah that they had met before and that he actually observed one of her bike fits, and still thinks he could have done a better job!